Open Platform

Research project and workshop. January 2017 – present

A series of critical interventions into the discourse of somatic practice, taking place across open workshops.

“Who set the rules? Glad Timber & Battery are there to question?”
– Chris Dugrenier, participant and artist

The Warm Up, shared at OpenLab, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. January 2017. 

Participants: Anna Robson, Rosamond Martin, Mil Vukovic Smart, Antonio de la Fe.


Photo by Anna Robson.


Wall text graphic by Antonio de la Fe, pdf here.

What are the gestures of sensation?shared at Groundwork, Decoda, Coventry. February 2017. 

Participants: Mary Grigg, Sebastian Hau-Walker, Chris Dugrenier, Angelika Mizińska

Wall text as pdf:

wall text graphic.